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The Greek version of the term hears in the name of social networking means, and very often refers to the general term social networks. Through the exploration of the relevant international bibliography and articles, a wealth of definitions emerged Burgess, Marketing for the phenomenon of social media in their article Users of the world, united! Social Media Definitions of social media buy instagram accounts bulk as a set of web applications based on the ideological and technological foundations of Web. and allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content. According to th term social media means the means of interactions between people, in which the latter create, share and exchange content in virtual communities and networks.

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This definition is the same as that of Jones who claims that social media are essentially a category of online media where people speak, participate, share, and at the same time underline how their use encourages debate, comments, Feedback, exchange and dissemination of buy instagram pva information from all interested parties. According to Zhang, more emphasis is placed on the interaction than on the content.Social Media in Evans, p. is the democratization of information, since through their use people become publishers of content and do not remain mere readers. While at the same time they are a multifaceted way through communication between users. In addition, social media provide social and emotional support and are sources of information for users. Social media is a reflection of the conversations that happen every day, either in a supermarket or in a playground or in an entertainment center, except that they allow these conversations to reach a wider audience through the digital Loudspeaker Hofstetter.

And while people's social media are a way of interconnecting and sharing information and content with their like-minded people, the view of their definition on the business side is different. According to the recognized expert in Sally Falkow's Internet Marketing Strategy, social media is a way for businesses to leverage user conversations about their brand, products or services, participate in discussions, and then To use these data to make better business decisions. As can be seen from above, the common thread that runs through all definitions of social media is the mixture of technology and social interaction to see more create value. Social media in Mayfield show some key features:& Heinlein based on the combination of two main elements of Social Media, Social Process and Media Theory, Boyd& Ellison based on the interaction and socialization offered by each instrument, based on its capabilities Any means.

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Below are some of these categorizations. Kaplan & Heinlein distinguishes main categories of Social Media based on main elements of Social Media, Social Process and Media Theory. The following are the following: According to Allen, this category classifies websites where end-users can collaboratively process or add content to a particular topic or goal. That is why Kaplan & Heinlein characterizes collaborative projects as the most democratic event of the UGC. The fundamental idea on which the existence of collaborative projects is based is essentially the power in the union. The joint effort of many factors leads to a better outcome than a factor could achieve individually.Collaborative projects are differentiated and include wikis and social bookmarking. Wikis are websites that allow users to add, remove, or edit text content.

The online Wikipedia encyclopedia is perhaps the most representative example of the wikis buy instagram accounts bulk category. It is worth mentioning that today it is available in more than languages. Social bookmarking or Hellenic social bookmarking also belongs to the category of collaborative projects. According to, through the social bookmarking pages, it is buy instagram accounts bulk possible to comment, share, collect, rank and mark websites that are of interest to users. This category includes the Delicious and Reddit pages and allows users to place an interesting article in their bookmarks, for example, making it more popular and in some ways encouraging others to read it.
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